My drawing process is governed by the theme of my creative practice. This being the activity of the human figure over long periods of time, in contrast to the architecture that engulfs the form like a theatrical arena.

 In order to create such a vibrant topic, I start with informational sketches. These studies are purely recordings, nothing more. Their purpose is to provide surprises, differences that go unnoticed. A change that will not be seen again like the sudden movement from the figure or a difference in light that occurs in the architecture. They range from small studies to more explorative pieces that are sustained, through to marker pen drawings, so as to change the material used for documentation. The reason for these, is they will inform and help construct a large drawing that will capture the totality of my experience. A smaller piece transcribed will be utterly useless, as it will be exactly the same thing. A variety of approaches will keep the grander scaled work fresh. Once the larger image is underway, it will intertwine with the information still being obtained. Site and studio then become intertwined and enable me to determine what is missing, what else can be done or what is wrong. 

The final piece is not a separate entity, it is parallel with the information obtained. The process is exhilarating, fast paced so as to keep up with the abundance of pages that have beencompiled. Charcoal begins to pile up on the floor, through the splintering of the stick as I strike the sheet of paper, showing how the subject demands an energetic use of the drawing material. Every sensation will converse and be applied in new way, with memory, intuition and experience added. This will take the resulting drawing beyond its originality, a conclusion that must have energy and affect in some capacity. I do not want it as a direct statement. I want the viewer to be able to use their imagination and piece parts of the picture together for themselves. Enabling a universal viewing experience for both myself and the public.